Meet Casey

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Hi, I'm Casey!

I am a creative, though-and-through. I grew up painting, drawing, and doing photography. However, wanting to be well-rounded, I decided to study business while in college. I found a natural passion and knack for marketing and branding. As a young professional, I started my career out as a graphic designer using my business chops along with my creative side to improve my clients businesses.

I have a passion for learning new skills and this eventually lead me to explore interior design. Now, I have my own interior styling company along with a real estate license. I love to assist my clients in finding, buying, selling, and designing the home of their dreams. I love how real estate uses my business savvy, while design fuels my creativity.

I have realized that in order to feel fulfilled in anything I am doing, I must use both sides of my brain; the analytical and the creative.

I feel that God has blessed me in a unique way to crave business as much as I crave design & creativity. My skills and talents from those allow me to be a creative problem solver, think outside the box, a skilled brand strategist, and a strong visual creator. These talents have lead me to the privileged position of being the Creative Director of Pain to Profit$ which helps inspire and guide those to take the entrepreneurial leap. But, above all things I am a devoted wife, and mother first.

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