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Pre-Real Estate Photography Check List

Buyers first fall in love with your home online. Having your home look its best in the real estate photos is crucial in getting as many buyers through your door as possible.

Here is the To-Do List to be completed before the real estate photographer arrives:

Front & Back Yard -

1. Manicure your lawn to look its best: cut grass, rake leaves, pull weeds etc. Don't forget to pick up doggie waste too.

2. Have your patio furniture looking presentable. Rearrange furniture, outdoor pillows, and potted plants to feel cozy and inviting.

3. Hide trash & recycling bins as well as all the kids toys, bikes etc.

Whole Home -

1. Declutter: its better to look stark than messy. Narrow decor items to groups of 3 or less. Pack away all seasonal decorations.

2. Depersonalize: take down family photos and replace larger frames with artwork.

3. Neutralize: take down taste specific things like taxidermy, samurai swords or gun collections, action figure collections etc.

4. Deep Clean: don't forget the blinds, baseboards and windows.

5. Hide away all pet items, bowls, beds toys etc.

6. Put the i-robot out of sight.

7. Take all the coats and other items off the hooks in mudroom or entryway.

8. Make sure all curtains in the house are parted evenly and are draping nicely.

Kitchen -

1. Take decor off the tops of cabinets.

2. Clear all small appliances from counter tops (unless its a stylish mixing bowl or coffee machine).

3. Tuck away, paper towels, napkins, rags and dish soaps.

4. If you have some beautiful cutting boards, or trays and vases you display them nicely on the island with fresh flowers. Or a cute jar full of wooden spoons is a nice touch to have next to the stove.

Bathrooms -

1. Remove all items from the counter tops except a nice glass soap dispenser and a plant.

2. Remove all the bath mats from the floor and hide all bathrobes.

3. Open shower curtain and hide away any soap or shampoo bottles that are showing.

4. Be sure that all towels are clean and folded neatly & evenly on the towel bars.

Bedrooms - 

1. Have all beds made nicely. Add throw blankets and pillows to look more inviting.

2. Be sure there is nothing under the bed that might show up in the photos.

3. Nightstands should be clear of all personal items and tissue boxes.

4. Do not leave out any clothes, shoes, slippers or laundry baskets.

Hangout Spaces -

1. Stage up to living room, front room, theater, patios etc with pillows and throws to add some interest and color to the photos.

2. Cut down furniture if it makes the room feel small or cuts off the flow of traffic. Narrow down on wall art and decor if the space seems too busy.

3. Stage up the cool hangout areas of your home. Maybe you have a deck or balcony, many a movie room or a sun room etc. These areas should be inviting and eye catching. Rearrange furniture to showcase the space, add some color. If it's a game room you have, set up a game and showcase how this room might look and function for the new owners.

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